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How do we work together

We encourage our customers to personally participate in our collaborative process, where a diverse team of professionals (technology/business/product approach) provides the answer to the problem at hand. With rapid prototyping and design thinking, the result is an efficient team that can deliver week after week.

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Experienced, complete teams

When creating a new product, it is essential that it is implemented through a multidisciplinary collaboration, keeping in mind business and strategic needs, and incorporating the fastest and most scalable solutions. This can only be done effectively with a dedicated team.

A technological approach from day one

For a digital product, much attention must be paid to the architectural issues so that the development does not go astray. This mentality is already present in the brainstorming meetings, helping to nuance business decisions.

Close cooperation with the project promoter

We believe that a truly successful product can only be created in close cooperation. We prefer the project owner to be involved in the weekly work, to be in the picture, and to participate in the decisions so that they don't have to sit through big presentations and long meetings full of surprises.

Constant validation

The advantage of an agile operation is that there is always the possibility to test and validate new ideas. We help our clients respond to hypotheses with research solutions and gather real feedback as soon as possible, keeping the ship on course.

Measurable product, clear KPI-s

The advantage of a digital product is that everything can be accurately measured and linked to targets. We help you develop an analytics system that answers business questions and makes the achieved results at each milestone visible.

Tracking and optimisation

Our aim is to develop a close partnership with our customers, where we can jointly lay out the roadmap for their products, continuously measuring, developing, and optimising their systems to meet their needs.

"We were faced with an almost unreal situation where the integration of a cloud-based point-of-sale system and one of the world's largest card payment service providers' systems were unstable or mostly non-functional.

Enlight Digital Studio Ltd, led by Krisztián Seres, supported us in this tight situation with full dedication, precision, continuous coordination, and documentation."

Zsolt Frendl


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