Digitális átvilágítás és stratégia intro

What is Digital Audit?

A digitally well-functioning system can make your company stand out and succeed in the market. This is as important at an internal process level (production, inventorying, documentation, data recording) as it is for external task handling (customer journey, communication, feedback analysis, online ordering). Whether your company is operating in a B2B or B2C environment, digitalization is essential for a striving business. All business processes and functionalities are unique, therefore, through our due diligence workshops, together with your core team we illuminate the areas that are worth focusing on, where can we achieve the most improvements, and optimize time and cost-efficiency for your organization.

Our process is the successful digital enhancement

#1 – Kick-off workshop

The first meeting aims to get to know each other, the product, and your business. At the end of this session, we can propose a strategy for the next months and lay down the ground rules of the collaboration.

#2 - Problem Discovery Workshop

Our experts can discover the pain points and needs of the business by using a service mapping in one meeting. For this 4-hour workshop, all key players, who have an operational overview, are invited.

#3 – Finding the focus poing

After discovering the challenge, we discuss with the decision-makers the pain points, and we highlight areas that need prioritization. Setting priorities is needed to achieve the most improvement, so we focus on tasks that can provide the highest value through digitalization for the business.

#4 - Deep-diving into Audit

While in the early stages, we focus on the overall picture, at this stage, we go deeper into the highlighted areas and operations. With our team, we go through the whole process, elaborate on the available data and explore the bottleneck. As part of this step, we conduct qualitative interviews of our client's employees to gather a deeper understanding of the issue.

#5 – Digitalization and KPIs

Audit can have two outcomes. Either we propose to implement an existing product or solution to solve the problem, or we suggest developing a digitalized custom solution if the client requires that. The material we send to help the decision-making explore the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help identify the potential return on investment in detail.

#6 – Implementation and follow-up

In case the client chooses one of the proposed digital solutions, we provide help through implementations. Simultaneously, a follow-up period is starting where we check the results and outcomes of the solution monthly, and we suggest further implementation if it is needed.


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