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To whom do we recommend our software development service?

The custom software development service can be widely useful for various organizations and businesses. According to our experience, we can provide valuable solutions for the following organizations:

  • Enterprises and companies: A business operating in any industry may need unique software that helps automate business processes, manage data, track projects, or create a customer service system.
  • Startups: Startups often require custom software development to adapt the technology infrastructure to their unique business model and needs. The development of unique applications, websites or mobile applications allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and manage their business processes more efficiently.
  • Institutions and government bodies: Institutions such as educational institutions, healthcare organizations or government agencies often require the services of custom software development to meet their specific needs. These can be, for example, educational platforms, patient registration systems or public service applications.
  • Non-profit organizations: Non-profit organizations can also use custom software development to make their activities more efficient and effective. The development of fundraising systems, volunteer coordination platforms or organizational management tools gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to better serve the community and their goals.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us with a problem, feel free to call us or visit us at our office during opening hours, as we will be happy to help you get started.

Our numbers

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of our app became "App of the Week" on the Google Play Store.


featured apps in the Google Play Store.


global Google Play campaign highlights.


years of experience in product design and software development.


Dedicated team

A team of senior software developers is working on solving your challenges, who are our company's founders at the same time. It is our colleagues' personal aim to assure your return on investment. The digital development and the project management all take place in-house, and our founders are always involved.

Predictable and flexible service

Our clients face different needs that we can solve. Our software development phases are well documented, making it easy to adjust and follow the steps. Although not every project requires a risk and performance analysis, we always choose the applied practices based on previous tests.

Data security

We practiced for 4-years how to transfer our engineering knowledge into practice by developing a financial system for a bank. It is very important that in the implemented software, only users with the correct credentials can access the data stored on the server or the web, and only our clients can decide which user has access. Furthermore, it is also important that only the selected users and applications can connect to the created software.

What can you win if you choose us?

A custom solution tailored for you

Software built based on custom demands doesn't contain any unnecessary features, unlike other solutions that aim to solve general tasks. Practice shows that the return on investment is expected within a few months if you invest in a customized software solution because custom software can increase the productivity of the organization and reduce expenses simultaneously.

Budget-friendly maintenance and updates

We document every step of the software development. You should look at the documentation as a single copy car's manual to your newly developed system. Without documentation, the car couldn't be repaired after the first crash because there would be no manual available. Therefore, logging is indispensable for anyone (for us or other providers) to update or maintain the software cost-efficiently.

Custom software development processes

#1 – Consultation regarding custom demands and brainstorming

Save time and money on every work process. The collaboration starts with our clients reaching out for help with their process optimization challenges.

Only dedicated experts can work with our clients from the first meeting until the final product. Through a discovery meeting, we get to know each other and our customers' business goals and specializations. After this, we can start to pinpoint the needs and pains that the software should aim to solve.

This discovery meeting ends with laying down and logging the ground rules of the collaboration from both sides.

#2 – Product design

We can offer an effective solution for a custom request only after investigating the problem properly. As part of this step, we look into the pain points of existing/future users and explore the current work processes. The next step is to start the implementation based on the collected feedback and our client's business goals.

The main outcome of the product development phase is the final solution that meets the expectations and needs of the customer.

Read more about our Product Design, and UX/UI services here.

#3 – Logging and Updates

With a clear definition of the future solution and a clear understanding of our client's challenges, we are working in 2-week sprint cycles.

We solve tasks based on previously specified priorities and provide weekly reports on our progress.

#4 – Testing

In our product development, testing starts in the initial planning phase, where we lay down the main expectations of the different development stages and the final solution. These predefined milestones will serve as the pillars for the test records. Since meeting these expectations happens throughout the different stages of development. In the testing phase, we compare the predefined expectations with the achieved results.

We use different test cases at the end of each sprint and always log these. The developed features are tested on all the agreed devices and servers to ensure the correct visual format and functional compatibility.

Before launching the final product, we run an overall test, when we apply real issues of the future user in practice. Only once the features can run without any errors, we close the testing phase and release the software.

You can check out our different software testing methods here.

#5 - Software launch and training

We install the software at the product launch, this way we prepare it for usage in the environment of the actual application. Besides the software, we hand over the logbook of the different steps and testing and the coding.

Usually, training is suggested for the users. We offer online or local courses where we showcase the final solution for those who will use it daily, based on the user manual, which is conducted during testing.

#6 – Maintenance and Support

The most extended phase in a software's lifecycle is maintenance. A software-based product is ever-changing. A well-developed and documented product have major competitive advantages because it is cost-efficient to adapt functionalities or new features. We emphasize so much time and effort on the planning, so our clients will spend the least possible on the updates and maintenance later.

We guarantee that the software created will run according to the expectations. Likewise, we can further guarantee availability for support according to the needs of our clients, this way any problem can be fixed shortly.

What we are proud of

A „Hét Alkalmazása” a Google Play-en


of our app became "App of the Week" on the Google Play Store.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement, as it is a proof to our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that enhance the lives of millions of users.

Global highlights


featured apps in the Google Play Store.

We are very proud that our customer's solution has been featured globally as a top application in more than 190 countries.


Üzleti tevékenységünk középpontjában ügyfeleink állnak, valamint az, hogy mind a vállalkozások, mind a társadalom számára értéket teremtsünk. Büszkék vagyunk arra, hogy ügyfeleinkkel együttműködve számos sikert értünk el.

Unified Health Platform


cross integration.

We have developed a health platform that seamlessly integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Samsung Health. This MedTech solution provides a robust platform for medical institutions to build upon and create transformative healthcare solutions.

Our integrated health platform harnesses the power of multiple health-tracking technologies, allowing for comprehensive data collection and analysis. By consolidating data from various sources, medical institutions can unlock new insights and develop groundbreaking solutions to improve patient care and outcomes.

Previous Custom Development Projects

The technologies used during custom software development primarily depend on the needs of our customers. We select the tools used during development exactly as a craftsman selects his tools - we always work with the ones that can be used to complete the task most efficiently.

Alkalmazott technológiák

Individual Frontend development

Angular egyedi szoftverfejlesztés és webalkalmazás fejlesztés

We started working with Angular responsive web framework we like back in 2016, when it was still called angular.js.

Individual Backend development

Node.js egyedi szoftverfejlesztés

We have been developing in a Node.js environment since 2014. During this time, we developed access control systems, servers serving bluetooth communication in real time, and services with various microservice architectures.

Nest.js keretrendszerre épülő egyedi szoftverfejlesztés

In 2018, we noticed the then-young Nest.js framework based on Node.js. We were looking for a backend framework that can be programmed in javascript, in which even our frontend developers can easily develop. Today it has become one of the most popular Node.js frameworks.

PHP szoftverfejlesztés Lavarel keretrendszerben

We have been dealing with PHP development since 2011. In the beginning, we developed in the CakePHP framework according to individual needs, but over time, our technology of choice for PHP became Laravel.

Magento egyedi webáruház fejlesztés

Our web store development experience dates back to 2010. Over time, we have worked with many open source webshop engines. Among others, we have handovered projects with WooCommerce, osCommerce, TomatoCart and ZenCart.

We have found an individual online store framework in Magento that can be flexibly expanded and easily improved. We recommend it because our customers do not need to be e-commerce gurus to adjust the operation of their online store according to their daily business needs through the settings.

ASP.net .Net egyedi szoftverfejlesztés

We have been developing unique smart bank solutions in ASP.NET framework for 3 years now. We have combined different banking platforms within a single application that serves the needs in Azure.

The combination we recommend is frontend and backend for individual software development

The framework of the frontend side of a software is usually not related to its backend side either. The two sides are characterized by a different programming language, different development style, and a different approach. Due to the heterogeneous technologies used, software maintenance requires at least two completely different expertise. This can have serious cost implications.

It is known that with a well-designed software, we can save the most costs during its life cycle. During planning, we usually recommend to our customers that the individual development be implemented with the most homogeneous technologies possible, which affects the backend and frontend.

As a solution to this problem, we usually recommend a combination of Angular and Nest.js. This frontend and backend framework are very close to each other in terms of development. In practice, this means that less knowledge and resources are needed. During development, our frontend developers can even work on backend tasks and vice versa.

Mobile development

iOS egyedi szofrverfejlesztés Swift nyelven Natív Android egyedi szofrverfejlesztés Kotlin nyelven
Native mobile solutions for iOS and Android (Swift and Kotlin)

The advantage of native mobile development is that we have complete freedom in implementation, all functions or services provided by the manufacturer become usable. Basically, this is a safety choice, speed and quality can always be guaranteed.

React alapú iOS és Android egyedi szofrverfejlesztés Flutter alapú iOS és Android egyedi szofrverfejlesztés
Cross platform mobile solutions (React Native, Flutter)

Cross-platform solutions have long been desired technologies on the market, and in recent years they have finally achieved the necessary stability and speed, so we now confidently recommend them for production environments as well. With these solutions, it is enough to create a code base that can work on both iOS and Android platforms. For recent hardware developments, we still recommend it only after a comprehensive examination, but in most cases it can be a good choice.

Which mobile technology should I choose?

Before starting the development, we jointly assess the desired functionality and the future vision of the product. Based on this, we can prepare a proposal that includes the advantages, disadvantages and possible risks for each solution, indicating the solution we recommend.

Custom Software Development FAQ

We know that there are a lot of questions about software development. If you can't find an answer to your questions, feel free to contact us or come to our office in Budapest, where we welcome all our existing and future customers.

The needs and goals of a business are typically discussed within the framework of a personal meeting. After that, more thorough planning takes place. We welcome our existing and future clients in our Budapest office.

The software is a set of source code and documentation in various phases of development. We used to say that a software belongs to a company if a detailed description of any of its functions is available. A software is considered well documented if:

  • its requirements are formulated
  • was documented during its design and development
  • test reports are available for testing all its functions
  • it has documentation of installation proccesses
  • has a user guide that is clearly written for users of the software

We carefully document our software in every phase and provide these documents to our customers during the handover.

We provide remote or even on-site training for our software, where we present the system to those who will use it on a daily basis based on the user guide we prepared.

Over the years, we have developed wood industry and forestry solutions, worked on the integration of smart banking systems, and developed access control systems. Most often, we develop individual software for business partners. You can find a list of our references on the next page. Read more about our references here.

We also undertake the development of new individual software and existing applications. In connection with the development of legacy software, our customers usually contact us with mapping and documentation, performance optimization or expansion. If it is about mapping, documenting or further development of legacy or existing software, contact us with confidence.

Software registered as legacy means that it is still used and performs its task perfectly, it just does not meet modern guidelines. In some cases, there is no problem with legacy software. Legacy is not a curse word, systems with this label fully meet the requirements imposed on them. As soon as a legacy system is unable to meet the requirements expected of it, we talk about an outdated system.

We consider systems legacy to which one of the following points apply:

  • Developed for an outdated platform.
  • An application for hardware that is no longer supported or manufactured. An application written in a language or framework that is being developed by fewer and fewer professionals. An example of such a language is Cobol, the first version of which was published in 1959. In 1997, the Gartner group estimated that there were about 200 billion lines of COBOL applications written worldwide, which accounted for 80% of all business applications. Today, however, we can hardly find places where this language is taught. Mainframe training courses are launched, which are financed by the companies themselves and guarantee a job opportunity for those who complete the training.
  • It is not possible to say for sure at any moment that it will meet the requirements imposed on it. This can also be said that it is not covered by automatic tests, or there is no manual test documentation for the latest version, which would accurately state that the software works well.

We provide a dedicated team and project manager for each project.

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