Choosly – find the majority will

Choosly is a game designed for mobile phones, where you have to put yourself in the shoes of the player, guess their thoughts, and make a rough assumption about what they will favour. While it may not seem like a complex task at first, with the right questions, it can get really challenging, as confirmed by the first real user tests, since the app is already running in the beta version.

Simboostr website and webapp

Simboostr aims to simplify simulator drivers' lives by providing automatic telemetry analysis and driving advice. The product design is such a complex e-sport data analytics platform that provides accurate feedback on the performance of car simulator racers, thus increasing their efficiency in the long run. In providing driving assistance, Simboostr also relies on an AI solution, whose name is Alfie.

Raktárkezelő rendszer

Digitalisation of a warehouse system

We worked on a warehouse system together with the E-Sol Global Zrt. and the Digital Thinkers team. The goal was to digitalize the analog registering system of the Elektro-Sol, which was achieved with a web and mobile application and with custom software development through our services.

Voovo App

With the Voovo team, we created a product that promotes everyday learning with the help of learning algorithms and spaced repetition.


Development of SMT (surface-mount technology) production line monitoring and optimization software based on Industry 4.0.

Kontekt audit

We managed to get involved at the zero moment of time in the work of the startup that won several awards, which cooperation has continued ever since. We have helped the Kontekt team with digital screening, permanent professional advices, website creation and fakedoor tests.

TST Machine

Our team helped the company that has been operating for more than 30 years, dealing in the distribution of machine tools, with digital audit, process and service optimization. Already during a half-day event, we managed to outline a number of problem points, for which we worked out different solutions.

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