E-Sol Logistics System
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We worked on a warehouse system together with the E-Sol Global Zrt. and theDigital Thinkers team. The goal was to digitalize the analog registering system of the Elektro-Sol, which was achieved with a web and mobile application and with custom software development through our services.

Our task was to follow our client's physical products digitally, which comes with a lot of responsibility because, in Hungary, it is mandatory by law to report on all the tangible belongings of a business, every three years. Furthermore, it is also essential for a business to follow its inventory to avoid unnecessary orders and financial planning. Our client can run a structured, efficient and successful business with a well-functioning system that tracks all devices.

What did our client gain?

  • The client will always know the exact location of each product, (whom when, and where did what).
  • The customized software can reduce the frequency of needed inventory checks and inventory loses.
  • Our digital solution can reduce the number of errors caused by manual workflow and it is a great step toward a paperless administration.
  • The mobile app connected to our software helps the workers at the warehouse, so the client can serve more clients with the same number of employees.
  • The system created especially for the client eliminates general flaws in the workflow.

Functionalities of the warehouse system

e-sol 1

Fully customized workflow

The inventory system is fully customized. And the details of the uploaded users, warehouses, products, and suppliers can be easily edited with the right account authority.

e-sol 2

One-click inventory

Doing inventory can be done with one click with minimal errors.

This process can be speeded up even further with a QR code reader. For example, it is enough to provide the first and last number from a list of hundreds of products to create an inventory report.

Later, the inventory reports can be double-checked online or exported in Excel.

e-sol 3

Perfection and tracking

The client can place orders from its partners registered in the system, who will receive notifications automatically. Once the order is registered, the order sheet is filled out automatically. When the shipment arrives, the client can scan the SKUs/bar codes of each product with the mobile app or with a bar code reader.Products shown in our clients' system can be purchased by the mechanics working in the warehouse.

While the whole buying cycle of the products is documented. It can be easily identified which product is in which warehouse or which mechanic has it.

e-sol 4

Transfer data safely

We designed a section in the existing database of our client, which made it easy and simple to import the inventory report from the old system to the new one.

Importing takes care of creating products, product quantities and users.

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