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7 months
Angular JS

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Simboostr aims to simplify simulator drivers' lives by providing automatic telemetry analysis and driving advice. The product design is such a complex e-sport data analytics platform that provides accurate feedback on the performance of car simulator racers, thus increasing their efficiency in the long run. In providing driving assistance, Simboostr also relies on an AI solution, whose name is Alfie.

The project started with a three-month product design phase, where the aftermarket and competitor research was followed first by the development of the MVP feature set, and then in an iterative product design process, we developed the wireframes and the consequent design plan. The product was shaped based on the feedback of simulator pilots up until the point it was ready to be sent for development.

Keeping the business needs of the Simboostr team in mind, we created the website using Webflow in parallel with the design work.

The first phase of development lasted 4 months, during which time a marketable product was created that is now able to present the tracker's measured runs and the server's calculated analyses to a closed test group in both graphical and mapped formats.


During the product design process, great care had to be taken to blend the complex analyses used in motorsport with simulator game software solutions in a simple yet detailed way. This was further complicated by the need to cater to a player base with different skill levels, thus presenting information that is valuable for professionals but not daunting for beginners.

Two of the biggest challenges of the development were the interactive graphical view, which integrates multiple data sets and visualisations, and the unique map solution, which accurately shows the laps run by simulator pilots on tracks that do not correspond to reality.

Custom Solutions

Alfie – the only product you need

In the design, we wanted to create a figure that could be part of the brand and in constant communication with the player. To do this, we tried to incorporate features that are already well-known in competitive sports.

Responsive, customized user interface

Although an analytics software was created, the target market came from computer gaming circles, so an effort had to be made to create a dashboard system that was exciting to the eye and fit the style of the familiar brands.

Synchronised graphs

In motor racing, drivers have become used to projecting different sets of data side by side when analysing certain problems, as they need to monitor results coherently. To do this, we used a custom graph solution that can show multiple data sets, select specific focus areas, and remain consistent with the AI-based advisor and the map in all cases.

Unique Map Solution

A descriptive system has been developed that can support the constantly expanding track set, can display landmarks flexibly, and has the option of keeping the analysis in sync with the other data (whether it's analyzing AI or graphing data).

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As a start-up, we looked for a development partner based on several criteria. The Enlight team was recommended by a mutual friend and after the first meeting, it was clear that they were the best choice. The team is young and dynamic, they moved quickly with the development and were available for any questions that we had. Not to mention that they provided us with a lot of helpful advice on how to get the most out of the software that we were developing, to ensure the best possible user experience.

Kiss Szabolcs

CEO - Simboostr

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