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What does the Start-up package cover?

Starting your own business has many challenges. A good idea and a capable team are not enough validation, market segmentation, competitor analysis, persona building, business model and plan, sales and marketing strategy, and finally, a minimal viable product (MVP) are all necessary parts of the start. It is a natural fact, that this process has elements that a young entrepreneur is insecure about. That is where we come into the picture, our team is ready to support you.

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How can we help you?

Building a business strategy

The goal of this phase is to build an achievable plan and software product validation. Start-ups based on technologies often make the mistake of focusing only on product development, while actual market feedback is never collected. This is problematic because after the product is developed, it is very costly to pivot. Therefore, the initial hypothesis has to be replaced with an actual business case first.

What we can offer (independently of each other): market research, competitor analysis, re-training strategy, business model (in Excel), sensitivity measurements, and business plan.

Digital product design and producing the prototye

This phase aims to find the minimal functionality that makes the product market-ready that can be further developed in the future because it covers only the necessary features. The idea owners often want a perfect product from the beginning, covering all functionalities. Products like these can turn wrong because without accurate feedback from the market they can't meet the actual demand of the potential customers. That is where we would like to offer our help. Our company's goal is to make your idea successful the earliest and to build a long-last collaboration.

What we can offer (independently of each other): user interviews, problem discovery, wireframe planning, UI design, prototyping

Marketing website development

An essential part of the sales process is a digital visual appearance that represents the future product and creates the aimed impression in the pitching slides. With initial scratches, we can build a website and a pipe system that can allow your potential customers to gather the needed information, and get in touch with you.

What we can offer (independently of each other): web development for marketing-oriented sites developed with webflow, setting up a business emailing system, on request building a newsletter, and email marketing funnel.

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