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What is Digital Product Design?

We believe that digital systems can be only implemented, if a group of people with diverse skill sets, and expertise are working on them. In product development, we investigate business, design, and technological aspects, from the first day until the product release. Because only the combination of these three areas can result in a product that the end-user not only loves and regularly uses, but also relieves their pain points.

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Product Development

#1 – Kick-off workshop

The collaboration always starts with an introduction meeting. Here, we discuss your business goals, lay down the ground rules of the collaboration, and get to know each other a bit. We involve business and technology experts from the first moment to keep every aspect of the project in mind.

#2 - Problem discovery and (process) planning

This phase aims to discover all the pain points and to understand the current processes (customer and user journey mapping). As the next step, we start the improvements and optimisations based on the collected feedback, and your business goals are always in focus.

#3 – Prototyping and Testing

The benefit of digital products is that it is very effective to prove their concept by testing them with real users. During this step, we create wireframes and simple prototypes. Then we apply interactive sessions until they convert into an ergonomic and comfortable solution for every stakeholder.

#4 – Designing

During this phase, we bring the prototype alive with a user interface design. Next, we start testing the usability to assure efficiency and user-friendliness. Of course, developing the best user experience is in the spotlight.

#5 – Digital product follow-up

The development doesn't stop at the product launch. A successful product is constantly changing and evolving based on user needs, market demands, and shifting business strategies. We equip our products with analytical features that will support our clients in future decision-making.

Our Product Design services

User experience research and audit (UX)

The user experience is just as essential for a new(non-existing) product as it is for an old (existing) one. We can help you inspect your current systems by including your user segments to ensure that the product develops in the right direction.

Prototyping and testing

In general, developing a digital solution can be pricy due to the costs of software development. With our prototyping phase, we at the outset reduce the risk of implementing a solution focusing on the wrong target, which could lead to extra expenses.

Developing the user interface (UI)

A well-thought-through product design focuses not only on the user experience but on the user interface too. After building the correct structure based on the wireframe and the prototyping, we customize the user interface based on the given market's needs until we can provide a perfectly usable solution for the end-users.

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