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Project type
Project management Product design (UX/UI) Mobil application development
6 months

Client and product

Voovo is a start-up focusing on education. Its mission is to nourish learning and make it a habit through a spaced repetition algorithm. When the project started, we only had the basic idea of the concept and the prototype, which was suitable to test the hypothetical workflow. We could start the project in the product designing phase, where we arranged the needed functionalities for the MVP and set some milestones. The next step was iterative development, where we needed to pivot multiple times to meet the shifting market demands. The product was developed with flutter technology with speed and cost-efficiency in our minds to guarantee that around 100 testers can start using the app as soon as possible.


Since the product needed to reach the testing phase fairly fast we used such an algorithm structure that allows the implementation of different functionalities at the same time.
From a technological point of view, it was very interesting to develop the automated diagram cards, we tried multiple varieties until a hybrid solution that allowed us to swap during the development based on the achieved results.

Developed functionalities


Spaced Repetition algorithm

We built a product that is based on daily repetition that can help sync the learnings with accuracy based on research and requests practice only until it is necessary.

Image recognition algorithm for the fastest card construction

By combining multiple text-recognition solutions we invented a functionality that generates cards. With this, a medical student can create tens of study cards within a few seconds, reducing the time spent on analog work.

Multiple structures and offline functions

The real value of Voovo is that it makes it possible to spend only a few minutes every day studying to achieve the aimed results. For this, the needed learning materials must be always available. Therefore, the app saves the results and the cards in the background.

Dictation, voice recording, text recognition, everything for the fast construction

Our software can create typed text out of the handwritten text, register text from images, find text on graphs, or record voice. So whenever we wish to create new study materials, we have the most convenient method available.

post review image

It was a very nice experience to work with the Enlight team. If I had to highlight what made the collaboration the most successful, it would be the 'continuous communication'. My company was informed about every step of the process, regarding planning, the development, or unforeseen issue. I felt in control of the progress while we keep meeting deadlines and because of this, we can work as one team, as partners.

Hermán Benedek

Founder and Managing Director - Voovo

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